The best way to prove our course, and beautiful, historic, location, Whitstable, is the best to learn English in is through the satisfaction of our students.
We know that English in a Castle is the ideal location to learn English, and so do our customers….

Hrusovany, Group Leader

The students found going to the beach as part of their learning very exciting! And the accommodation, with host families, and meals were perfect

Sofia, Moroccan student

Sofia felt that the lessons and activities were all excellent and described the setting of English in a Castle as ‘beautiful’.

Marina, Spanish student

Marina explained how she felt that the homestay was good and loved that during her stay at English in a Castle they got to go to the swimming pool on multiple occasions.

Gerard, Spanish student

Gerard explained that his entire experience at English in a Castle was excellent! And that the ‘classrooms were fun!’ going on to state that he would definitely recommend this programme to friends.

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